New programs added:



AIDS Resource is now offering  our clients mental health counseling on-site.  Our counseling is:

  • Absolutely free.  No insurance is required.  There is no co-pay.
  • Offered at our offices, a safe, comfortable space
  • Provided by a licensed social worker who has special training in and a deep understanding of the unique challenges our clients face.


For more information about our counseling services, please see your Case Manager.



We are now offering regular yoga classes at our Williamsport office and at a yoga studio in State College.  These classes are absolutely free for clients.  For more information, please see your Case Manager.


Nutritional Supplements:

For those clients with a medical need, Boost or Ensure is available and can be delivered directly to your door.  For more information, please see your Case Manager.


Dental Hygiene Supplies:

We offer free toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss to all clients.  Please see your Case Manager.


Vision/Eye Health Clinic

AIDS Resource works with an optometrist to provide free vision and eye health exams and free glasses.




Connect to Care (CTC) is here to help you seek out the resources that you need to take care of yourself better. The ultimate goal of the program is to connect you back to your doctor or assist you in finding a doctor that better matches your needs, as well attending your scheduled visits with them. Everything that we do is free of charge, and maintaining your confidentially is of utmost importance to us.


We will connect you to:


• Sources of Medical Insurance

• Transportation

• Mental Health Counseling

• Drug & Alcohol Counseling

• Doctors

• Support Groups

• Other Social-Service Agencies


By signing up for this program, you are

eligible for the following services:


• Transportation to and from medical appointments

• Incentives for attending 2 medical appointments within a year

• Assistance with finding and applying for medical insurance

• Emotional support

• Linkage to AR’s Medical Case Management Services (see them here)


Benefits of CTC


• Connect with other resources that can help you with your financial burdens

• Maintain or improve your health status

• Help with getting to medical appointments

• Support and understanding from a peer who is also HIV+

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